Senior Trades (Part-time)

Senior Trades ( Part Time)

ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing

The Senior Trades Certificate is a recognised qualification awarded by the Dept. of Education & Science. After completion of this exam, you will receive your Senior Trades Certificate. The Senior Trades Certificate is mandatory if you wish to pursue a career in teaching hairdressing in the public sector. This hairdressing course is perfect for fully qualified stylists looking to do the Senior Trades Exam on a Part-time basis. Classes will be held on Mondays.

Please note:

1. Part-time Senior Trades is for Qualified Senior Stylists competent in all aspects of Hairdressing.

2. The College of Hairdressing, Connaught is providing a facility to help Candidates that are competent in all Aspects of Hairdressing undertake the Senior Trades Certificate. Candidates will be giving Guidance as to what the inspector will be looking for in Exams. The College of Hairdressing, Connaught will Assess Candidates Techniques and Skill on Day 1 to help with areas that Candidates may need to improve on and will also guide you through Past Exam papers. Candidates will have to complete additional Study and Work of approximately 3 hours per week at home.

*Please note Equipment list required for this course.

Course content

Candidates for the Senior Trades Exam must be Competent in all or most of the following:

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  1. Cutting Hair with techniques
  2. Colouring & Highlighting Hair
  3. Advanced Perming & Neutralising Hair
  4. Advanced Upstyling
  5. Product and customer care
  6. Health & Safety
  7. Client Consultation
  8. Hairdressing Science

Certificate Achieved: Senior Trades Certificate (Department of Education & Science)

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In business over 25 years, we have the experience and reputation as one of the premier hairdressing colleges in Ireland. We encourage our students to meet their full potential through personal attention, technical training and leadership. Over 90% of our students achieve employment in the hairdressing industry in Ireland and abroad.

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